About the BTL Foundation

The mission of the BTL Foundation is to promote multicultural understanding and friendship by providing health, job oriented education and humanitarian services to the needy in USA, India and abroad. The Foundation is nonprofit and nonsectarian and is dedicated to providing services without regard to race, religion, sex or national origin.

BTL Foundation has committed itself to serving the needs of the people for the last 30 years through distribution of Holiday meals and Turkey baskets every year during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Every year during Thanksgiving, about 500 meals are prepared and served to the needy including meals on wheels to senior citizens. Over 100 Turkey baskets are distributed each year to needy families during the week of Thanksgiving. We have served up until now 47,000 meals since 1986. Started in 2008, Small Grants Program has helped benefit many small charities and individuals/families in need of support. The Foundation also provides scholarships to UD students annually, is planning to ship more than 1000 children books to India and Haiti, conducts Adopt a Highway program twice a year and is working towards building the Multi Cultural Service Center. The Foundation Chairman, Mr.B.T.Lakshman travelled to Haiti recently in April 2012 towards fulfilling his commitment to the noble cause of Haiti. The Foundation plans to build schools and water well for the community in Haiti.

More information about our Foundation can be found on our website at www.btlfoundation.net. Hope you enjoy reading our blog and feel free to leave a comment on any of our blog posts and make suggestions.

Thank you All !


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