Volunteering with BTL Foundation is Easy !

Michael Magruder, A Volunteer with BTL Foundation writes …..

Have you ever wanted to volunteer but think you don’t have the time? Then BTL Foundation is the place for you. Everyone is busy these days but you can make a big difference to other people without taking too much of your time. You can participate for just a few hours at a time at various events that BTL sponsors throughout the year.

The BTL Foundation is a community service organization dedicated to providing humanitarian services to the needy of Northern Delaware, India and other locations around the world. Some of the BTL events right here in New Castle County are the highway cleanups in spring and fall, serving Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and even marching in the Hockessin 4th of July parade to raise awareness.

A section of Route 40 in Bear is cleaner and looks nicer thanks to the BTL volunteers. In a few hours on a spring or fall weekend morning you can help clean up the side of the highway and have a nice walk and make new friends all at the same time. When you are done you have a better appreciation of what it takes to keep the highways neat and tidy.

On Thanksgiving Day, before you sit down to a sumptuous meal with your own family you can spend some quality time at a local social service group serving a much appreciated meal to those in need. You can also help to prepare and deliver meals to the elderly who can’t make it out to the places. The people who come to dinner are very nice and friendly.  Afterwards, you will have a good feeling that you made someone else’s day just a bit better.

On Christmas Day, after you open all of your presents under the tree you can also spend some time at another local social service group sharing the holiday cheer and serving another meal to those less fortunate. It really puts joy in their hearts as well as your own and helps you recognize the blessings in your life. Meeting and working with new people is always good too.

And finally, on the 4th of July, the BTL volunteers march in the Hockessin parade to spread the good word about BTL. It is a nice walk down Old Lancaster Pike and you get to see the lovely town from a different perspective. The friendly people along the route are always glad to hear more about BTL and it is fun to be right in the middle of the big event.

So if you only have a few hours to spare and you want to participate in any of these events you can check out the BTL website at www.btlfoundation.net to find more information. And then if you want to get involved and make a difference in your community you can contact Mona, the BTL Executive Director, by email at btlfonline@gmail.com. Hope to see you at a future BTL event!

Book Drive for the Children of Developing countries

In October 2010, the BTL Foundation launched its Book Drive for Children. Education in developing countries is one of the key areas where the BTL Foundation lays its focus on and makes a difference. The children of Vidyavahini schools in India under the BTL Educational Trust are in need of preschool – middle school level books. The children in Haiti will immensely benefit from donated new or gently used books since hundreds of children are still deprived of school facilities after the devastating earthquake and lack access to books. Founder Chairman Mr. B.T.Lakshman personally made a trip to Haiti this April to explore potential sites for rebuilding schools. To this end, the BTL Foundation has encouraged volunteers and others across Delaware to lend a hand in collecting books — both story & educational, new/gently used. Dedicated volunteers of the BTL Foundation collected books for children from libraries, homes, schools and businesses and helped to put up a collection of over 1500 books. One volunteer herself collected about 1000 books and brought them to the office neatly organized and packed. We are proud of our volunteers and a Big Thanks go out to all of them.

Now, there was the challenging task of sorting, organizing and packing the books, so they can be shipped overseas to different countries. BTL Foundation was looking for volunteers, when an Education coordinator of the Networks program of the Christina School district contacted the office. She said that her students from the clerical co-op class at the Networks School for the Entrepreneurial Sciences can offer to sort and pack the books. The students were ready to take on the responsibility even though some of them had limited reading abilities. Thus a schedule was set up, where the group of students stopped by the Foundation office every Wednesday of the week, picked up 2 or 3 containers of books and took them to their school in their van, where they counted and sorted the books according to grade level. The boxes of books were then returned by the school the following week and so on. Specially 11 students of the networks program need mention who participated. They sampled a variety of packaging techniques, shopped for packing materials and supplies, and researched postal rates and regulations. The students eventually came up with the idea of recycling the shredded papers from another enterprise as cushioning material inside the boxes of books packed. By the end of the project the group sorted and packaged 27 cartons of books. Each student spent 25-40 hours on the project. BTL Foundation labels were also put on tops of boxes for identification.

This voluntary project undertaken by the students is by no means an ordinary one. Their outstanding contribution motivated the Foundation to honor them with the Award for “Best Volunteer of 2011”. The volunteers were presented with the award on the Annual Benefactors & Volunteer Appreciation Day in March 2012 amidst benefactors, supporters and distinguished members of the BTL Foundation.


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Small Grants Awards 2012

The BTL Foundation started awarding small grants to families and non profit organizations in 2008. The program was launched to offer financial assistance to families who are highly in need of financial support and to charities who have dedicated their projects to fulfill the humanitarian needs of the society. The Foundation awarded 24 such small grants ranging from $250 to $1000 to families and agencies in the year 2008. It went on to award 23 grants in 2009 and 15 grants in 2010 and 2011.  The year 2012 has been no exception. The BTL Foundation announced its Small Grants Awards to families and charities in need during its Annual Small Grants 2012  program. After reviewing over 50 applications, the grant committee awarded small grants ranging from $250 to $1000 to families/individuals and non-profit organizations. The following are the charities who received grants for their worthy humanitarian projects:
*DACA* Nativity Prep* Caring Hearts Helping Hands Inc.* Substance Abuse Ministry(Canaan Baptist Church)*
Also, seven families were awarded with small grants to assist them with emergency funding.
The BTL Foundation provides Health, Education and Humanitarian services to people in need in the USA, India and other parts of the world. The Foundation also provides Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Dinners as well as distributes Turkey Baskets to needy families every year throughout Delaware and surrounding areas. For Volunteering opportunities, please visit www.btlfoundation.net and/or feel free to contact us.
“Find a need and fill it.”
– Ruth Stafford Peale

Mr.B.T.Lakshman takes a trip to Haiti in April 2012

The BTL Foundation held a major fundraiser for the benefit of Haiti with the help of sponsors, benefactors, volunteers and friends.  About 20% of net proceeds of the Funds were already donated to DMRT for its Haiti cause. The remaining funds were matched dollar to dollar by Founder Chairman Bangalore T. Lakshman. The available funds are dedicated to rebuild two destroyed Schools and one Community clean water well at Haiti. As we all know the devastation was far reaching and even now people are struggling for basic needs of life, and thousands of children are still deprived of basic school facilities. Mr. Bangalore T. Lakshman, Chairman of BTL Foundation undertook a trip to Haiti with the sole aim of fulfilling his humble mission. He left on April 20 and returned from Haiti on April 26 2012. Having already identified the Rotary and other local leaders at Haiti, he met and visited potential sites for rebuilding Schools and Community Water well. According to Mr. Lakshman, “This is our commitment towards fulfilling our mission to the thousands of people who are still leading a life without food, water and shelter and the hundreds of children who are still deprived of school facilities.”

The BTL Foundation, based in Hockessin DE provides Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Dinners to people in need in Delaware and surrounding areas every year. More information can be obtained from our website at www.btlfoundation.net. Tax-deductible contributions are welcome and can be sent to the BTL Foundation, 114 Mettenet Court, Hockessin DE 19707 or online. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Founder Chairman Mr. B.T. Lakshman.

Get-together and Dine Event – BTL Foundation

On May 22nd 2012,  the BTL Foundation held its first Restaurant Night Fundraiser at the Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Riverfront Wilmington.  The event attracted many of our benefactors, friends and supporters.  It was delightful to see our Board of Directors arrive with their families and close friends.  Located along the beautiful Riverfront, Iron Hill is one of the many restaurants in and around Delaware that supports local nonprofits by giving a percentage of their earnings on a specific date.  Their local handcrafted beer and fine food was a warm treat for the guests. Throughout the night, 20% of the food bill was donated to BTL Foundation when guests showed a coupon for the same.

BTL Foundation has been providing Holiday meals to people in need for the last 30  years during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Every year since 1981, during Thanksgiving,  about 500 meals are prepared and distributed to needy families in and around Delaware. Out of the 500 meals, about 300 are served as Meals on Wheels to senior citizens in high-rise apartments with the support of hardworking volunteers. During the week of Thanksgiving,  over a 100 Turkey baskets are assembled and distributed to the needy along with gently used clothes and winter garments. Again at Christmas and New Years every year, about 500 meals are sponsored by the BTL Foundation at different locations with the help of dedicated volunteers.  Up until now, more than 47.000 meals along with 700 turkey baskets have been distributed to the needy and homeless since 1981.

The proceeds from the Dine in night on May 22, will be donated towards the Holiday meals program. The Foundation would like to offer thanks to everyone who attended the dinner night and made it a big success.

For more information about the BTL Foundation, please log onto www.btlfoundation.net.

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